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Show #100 !! - Our Top 5 Favorite Trips & Why Fly Business Class

September 07, 2021 Episode 100
Travel Talk Weekly
Show #100 !! - Our Top 5 Favorite Trips & Why Fly Business Class
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Join Rob & Kerri for Show #100.  This week they talk about their Top 5 favorite trips they have taken since they first started traveling together in 2005.

You  will also find out which episodes  are the "Top 5" most downloaded shows.

Plus when it's a good idea to fly in business class!

4 out of the 5 trips have two things in common. Let's see if you can figure that out :-)

The Top 5 shows were ranked by the total number of downloads by you, the listener. If your favorite episode is not in the top 5, reach out to Rob & Kerri and they will see if together, they can make that happen.

Everyone know that flying business class is more expensive that economy,  which is formerly known as coach. But there are times when the perks of flying business class outweighs the price increase.  One of the biggest ones is the time that you save.  Getting onboard first and relaxing in your comfy seat.  But also being the first to get off the plane.  A huge benefit when flying Internationally!

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Remember, the world is a book and those who don't travel only read a page.

Let us help get you back to the vacation.

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(Cont.) Show #100 !! - Our Top 5 Favorite Trips & Why Fly Business Class