Travel Inspired (formerly Travel Talk Weekly)

Luxpedition Cruising

November 19, 2023 Episode 142
Travel Inspired (formerly Travel Talk Weekly)
Luxpedition Cruising
Show Notes

142 - Join Rob and Kerri into the fascinating cruise world of Luxpedition Cruising as we break down why this isn't your typical cruise experience.

From waking up to remote landscapes to exploring untamed corners without sacrificing comfort, Luxepedition is a game-changer. Picture smaller ships, expert guides, and a personalized experience that's as intimate as it gets.

But that's not all – these cruises go beyond leisure; they're about learning. Imagine attending lectures in the Arctic or unwinding with a hot stone massage while surrounded by nature's beauty. Plus some adventure thrown in like taking a zodiac to remote locations or a polar plunge in the arctic.

And the destinations? Brace yourselves for Antarctica, the Arctic, Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rainforest, and more. It's a cruise, but not as you know it.

So, fellow adventurers, if you're ready to elevate your cruising game, hop aboard for a deep dive into the world of Luxe Expedition Cruising. Bon voyage! 

To book your luxpedition adventure, reach out to your Creating Magic Vacations Travel Advisor or head on over and fill out the Plan a Vacation to get started.


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